SHU “Universal” Filter Housings

The SHU “Universal” series filter housings from Delta Pure Filtration accept three styles of filter elements: DOE (double open end), 2x size 222 O-rings with recessed cup, or single internal O-ring (size 119 or 213) with recessed cup. These single-element industrial filter housings combine the robustness of 304 or 316 stainless steel construction with the economics of a streamlined design. The housings employ an easy-to-use ring-nut closure with a reliable double seal. These rugged housings are great for commercial hot water, industrial chemical, and other applications requiring a robust filter vessel.

The SH series housings accept filters of up to 2 ¾” diameter and lengths of 9.75/10”, 20” or 30”. A spring-loaded bottom seal provides flexibility to allow for slight filter length variations among filter brands. Inlet/outlet are ¾” or 1 ” fNPT. Drains are ¼” fNPT.

The SHU Series Filter Housings are compatible with a wide range of fluids, and come standard with EPDM O-rings. Viton® (registered trademark of Dupont) or equivalent FKM elastomer, as well as “FDA silicone” are also available. Various filter cartridge types can be installed, including String Wound, Melt Blown, Pleated, Carbon, Resin Bonded, Stainless Steel and others.

View and download the specs sheet for the SHU “Universal” Filter Housings here

Each SHU housing is supplied with a torquing bar to assist with ring nut (collar) closure. An optional wrench is also available. Each filter housing is supplied with a zinc-plated steel mounting bracket.


200 PSI (13.8 Bar) at 200 F (97 C)
Service: Liquid Only
Do not use for pressurized gas.

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