RVD Series RV & Camper Water Filter

Taste and Odor Water Filters for RVs and Campers.

The Delta Pure inline RVD Series RV & Camper Water Filter reduces impurities in potable water used to fill the tanks of recreational vehicles (RVs), campers, boats, trailers, motor homes, and other equipment with temporary water storage.  The standard RVD filter employs granular activated coconut shell carbon to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine and to lessen potentially-harmful disinfection byproducts. Other optional media are available for selected contaminants.

KDF® process media can be specified to reduce sulfur odors, chlorine, and heavy metal contaminants such as dissolved lead, mercury and iron that may be present.  KDF® media also inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter. Catalytic Carbon can be selected to reduce chloramine, a common water system disinfectant that is not very effectively removed by ordinary activated carbon.

The Delta Pure RVD Filter is easy to hand-assemble to ¾” garden hose – no tools are required.  An optional water hose protector is available to prevent hose kinks and to assist with connection to rigid fixtures.


These filters are not intended to remediate or purify dangerous or pathogen-containing water. The filters are intended to improve water that is already of potable quality.

Flush filter with 5 gallons of water or for five minutes before initial use.

Avoid freezing – use between 40 deg F and 125 deg F.

View and download the RVD Series Water Filter specs sheet here


Operating Pressure: 30-125 PSI

Flow Rate: 1-3 gallons per minute

Filter Life: About 3 months or 2,000 gallons. (Actual filter life depends on inlet water quality and flow. Change filter sooner if the flow rate slows or if a change in outlet water quality is noticed.)

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