RFC-FE Series

RFC-FE Series

Delta Pure Filtration RFC-FE Series Radial Flow
Filter Cartridges offer a convenient way to remove
dissolved Iron found in many water sources.
Removing Iron improves the taste of water along
with helping eliminate brown and orange stains
from plumbing fixtures. It also helps eliminate
discoloration of clothes that can occur from
washing clothes.

RFC-FE Filter Cartridges contain an adsorbent
media specifically designed for the removal of Iron.
Manganese and H2S are also removed by the
media. An optional Coconut Shell activated Carbon
final filter will remove chlorine and other
contaminants to further improve the taste and
odor of water.

Delta Pure Filtration utilizes its in-house melt blown
filter technology to create a polypropylene melt
blown outer pre-filter layer to protect the adsorbent
medium from plugging, and an inner final filter layer
to contain the filter medium and prevent/reduce
migration of fines downstream. The adsorbent
medium is packed in between these two zones, and
sealed on each end with endcaps to form a DOE
(double-open-end) filter.

View and download the specs sheet for the RFC-FE Series here

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