*NEW* DMB and DMC Series Melt Blown Filters

DMB (coreless) and DMC (with molded polypropylene core) Series filter cartridges are polypropylene melt blown depth filters – AND they are so much more than that because we actually make them right here at Delta Pure Filtration with state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to control the pore sizes in each layer throughout each filter’s depth.

While these filters are pure white out of the box, below is a photograph of a special filter that we made with alternating layers of black colorant in order to show that there are many layers in a Delta Pure DMB or DMC Series filter. (Were it not for the black colorant, it would be difficult to feel or see the individual layers, because all the fibers are so well bonded together.)

A special demo filter with colorant between layers illustrates Delta Pure Filtration’s ability to continuously control filtration characteristics throughout each filter’s depth.

DMB and DMC Series melt blown depth filters purify fluids by progressively removing more and more particulate contamination as a dirty fluid traverses through the entire thickness of the filter. The pores are coarser in the upstream layers to provide pre-filtration and smaller on the downstream side to provide the desired final effluent quality. The result is longer filter life. “Delta Pure has standard filters with a standardized pore size gradient, and these are great for most customers ─ plus we provide filters tailored to clients’ unique requirements. We fine tune our filter layers to provide superior performance” explained Jay Bernsley, Business Development Manager with Delta Pure Filtration.

An important feature of DMB and DMC Series melt blown filters is a “fixed pore structure”. That means that once particles are trapped in the filter, they stay trapped because the fibers within the filter medium are melt-bonded at their points of contact.

Delta Pure DMB and DMC Series Filters have a fixed pore structure. This illustration shows a particle permanently retained by bonded fibers, and a particle squeezing past fibers that are not bonded.

DMB and DMC Series cartridges are ideal pre-filters and polishing filters where there is a fairly wide contaminant particle size distribution. The depth filtration mechanism also provides excellent control of gelatinous contaminants. The self-supporting fiber matrix enables the coreless design of the DMB series that is both economical and strong.  The DMC Series has a rigid, molded core that adds strength for higher differential pressures and slightly elevated temperatures. The polypropylene filter medium provides broad chemical compatibility.

DMB Series Polypropylene Melt Blown Filter Cartridges | Delta Pure string wound filters

DMB and DMC Series filters from Delta Pure Filtration are available with a variety of end fittings to fit most any filter housing.

DMB filters are used in many applications – here is a partial list.

Potable Water: under sink, water fountains, restaurant water, bottled water, municipal water, RO prefiltration

Food and beverage: rinse water, juice, flavors, water-as-ingredient, membrane pre-filtration, carbon fines removal

Cosmetics and toiletries: removal of visible particulate, removal of haze, polishing filtration, pre-filtration

Process water: RO membrane pre-filter, DI water, rinse water, makeup water, cooling water

Electronics: Plating chemicals, electroless solutions, etchants, weak acids, resists, strippers, rinse solutions

Plating:  electroplating solutions, electroless solutions, rinse solutions, weak acids

Gas processing and refineries: amine filtration, glycol filtration

Oil and Gas Production: EOR, waterflood, completion fluids, brine fluids, produced water

Coatings: Inks, paints, pigments, coatings, solvents

Chemical Processes: chemical intermediate filtration, removal and recovery of catalyst fines; filtration of solvents, filtration of aqueous chemicals, water filtration, removal of carbon fines, polishing of final products