New FUSIONTM DWMC Series Filters

It’s a Melt Blown filter!

It’s a String Wound filter!

The New FUSIONTM DWMC Series Liquid Filter from Delta Pure Filtration features Melt Blown media on the inside for confidence, and Precision String Wound media on the outside for performance. By fusing melt blown and string wound technology into the same filter, Delta Pure Filtration can help customers achieve longer filter life and cleaner fluids.

These filters have a rigid polypropylene core, a polypropylene melt blown downstream section with fixed pore structure, and a string wound upstream pre-filtration section.

CLICK HERE to download the FUSIONTM DWMC Series Filter presentation

Melt Blown filters are well respected for having a fixed (non-shifting) pore structure and thereby providing reliable filtration. On the other hand, many filter users gravitate toward string wound filters for longer life. Delta Pure Filtration makes both types of filters and took advantage of these capabilities to create the new filter format.

The secret to these filters’ great performance is their flexibility. Customer fluids have different viscosities, diverse types of contaminants and dissimilar particle sizes, so in reality no single filter design is best for every fluid. The FUSIONTM DWMC series of filters offers a flexible format: a choice of melt blown section rating, and choice of string wound section rating, so that Delta Pure Filtration’s network of distributors can work with customers to tailor a filter to a unique process. FUSIONTM filters can be the magic bullet for solving a challenging contamination problem, improving process efficiency, and lowering filtration costs.