KDF Process Media in GAC and RVD Filters

Delta Pure Filtration offers combination KDF® process media + activated carbon in our GAC and RVD range of water purification cartridges which address chlorine and range of other contaminants. The GAC cartridge is used in double-open end filter housings which makes it versatile, while the RVD filter has hose a connector inlet and outlet which makes it convenient for use with RVs, campers and boats.

KDF® process media are available in several different forms to meet the requirements of specific applications. We employ KDF 55 granules which are designed for removing or reducing chlorine and soluble heavy metals. They are also used for controlling scale, bacteria, and algae. This grade of KDF will also reduce iron and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies to some degree.

KDF® process media are high-purity, copper-zinc formulations that reduce contaminants in water using an oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction. In other words, KDF media exchange electrons with contaminants, often changing them into harmless components.

For example, chlorine is changed into soluble chloride, soluble ferrous cations are changed into insoluble ferric hydroxide, and hydrogen sulfide is changed into insoluble copper sulfide. Other heavy metals such as mercury, copper, and nickel are removed simply by bonding to the KDF media. Heavy metals in drinking water are a significant health threat. KDF® 55 media can remove very high percentages of soluble lead, mercury, and other dissolved metals.

The manufacturer of KDF 55 medium claims that the granules can remove over 99% of free chlorine. When used in combination with granular activated carbon, it frees up granular activated carbon for more effective removal of organic contaminants that affect water quality and foul downstream ion exchange resins and membranes.

KDF media are also used to control and prevent the build-up of bacteria, fungi and algae within a filter. By controlling these microorganisms, KDF media can significantly extend the life of the carbon filter. A build up of micro-organisms within the filter is controlled two ways: First, the exchange of electrons in the redox reaction creates an electrolytic field that can kill many microorganisms. Second, KDF process media may catalyze the formation of radicals and peroxides in certain circumstances. The radicals can interfere with microorganisms’ ability to function.

To learn more about the GAC and RVD range of filters with GAC or combination of KDF and GAC, contact Delta Pure Filtration.

Note: KDF is a trademark of KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.