Muchas gracias por su interés en Delta Pure Filtration. Muchos de estos filtros se realizan en los Estados Unidos

DMB Series

Los filtros de cartucho de soplado en fusión de polipropileno

DMC Series

Los filtros de cartucho de soplado en fusión de polipropileno

DW Series

Filtros de hilo arrollado

DWC Series

Filtros de papel carbón activado

CCB Series

Filtros de bloque de carbón de coco activado

CN04 & DCB Series

Filtro de zona dual . Hilo arrollado sobre carbón activado

GAC Series Water Filter

Cartuchos de filtro de carbón activado de coco granual

RVD Series RV & Camper Water Filter

Filtros de carbón de coco activado granular para casas móviles, caravanas y los embarcaciones de recreo

GPP Series

Estos son los filtros de agua de poliéster plisado y tienen vinilo (plastisol) gorras

PPA Series

Estos son plisadas filtros de polipropileno industriales con una calificación absoluta de retención de partículas

EEF Series

Filtro de hilo arrollado – con material de filtro adicional alrededor del núcleo


Este es un cilindro absorbente de aceite que debe ser colocado dentro de una bolsa de filtro de absorción de aceite

DHF Series

Estos son filtros de gran diámetro para flujos de agua más grandes

HFH Series

Estos son inoxidables carcasas de filtros de acero para los filtros de agua de flujo grande de la serie DHF

DPH Series

Estos son carcasas de filtros de plástico

SHJ Series

Económicas carcasas de acero inoxidable para un solo cartucho (estas carcasas son importados)

SH Series

Económicas carcasas de acero inoxidable para un solo cartucho (estas carcasas son importados)

BCV Series

Multi-Round Band Clamp Vessel

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"I've been doing business with Delta Pure for many years and you will find that all of the people there are real stand up folk."

- Marshall B.

“Delta Pure has been one of my manufacturers that will drop everything to help my customers out of a bind. I have called them at the drop of a hat to do an emergency order and no matter how small or large the order has been they have always come through for me and my customers. Delta Pure has been available to me days, nights and weekends, almost without fail. We have been able to offer our customers the DP product as a replacement / alternate for manufacturers that our customers have been set on for years and the DP filter has been tested and approved by many of our major customers across the USA.

We appreciate their ability to work with us on customizing filters and their dedication to customer service that I find so lacking in some of the manufacturers in our industry in today’s world. Donna and Steve are always willing to jump right in with both feel to assist in a resolution to issues that come up – even on Friday at 4:45PM.”

“Over the last few months the team at Delta Pure has been truly jumping through hoops to supply desperately needed string-wound filters to our customers. I can tell you that this dedication to excellence has enabled us to drive sales deeper and wider into these accounts and engendered total trust from our contacts.. When we sell your products to our customers we stand behind the Delta Pure name and I can tell you that this is easy to do as your outstanding reputation is well-deserved.

Thank you again for the hard work and late hours your team has put in to make our joint efforts count when it’s most needed in the plant.”

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