High flow process-water filtration

High flow process-water filtration is a challenge in many industries. As filter equipment and filter usage gets larger, filter users become more conscious of filter related expenses and capital expenditures. Energy production operations, desalination, potable water processing, cooling tower treatment, and waste water operations all can use flows measured in the hundreds to thousands of gallons per minute (thousands to tens-of-thousands of liters per minute). Firms with these processes often seek filters with dirt holding capacities measured in the tens to hundreds of pounds (or tens to hundreds of kilograms) rather than dirt capacities in the tens to hundreds of grams.

A large flow filter system to handle hundreds or thousands GPM of process water might use 2.5” diameter filters designed for small flows of 1-20 gallons per minute, but use lots and lots of them in a large filter housing. Instead, the DHF multi-pleat filter series of filter from Delta Pure Filtration uses large 6” diameter filters in order to 1) reduce filter change-out labor 2) reduce pressure losses through the filter core 3) enable smaller-diameter vessel designs by employing taller filters and 4) lower filter change-out costs. These filters are highly efficient, and remove 99.98% of particles at the rated micron size.

Delta Pure Filtration also offers a high flow range of filter housings – the HFH series. These quality filter vessels, optionally available to ASME Section VIII Div 1 (U Stamp) and other standards, are available in carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and can even be made in nickel alloys. They are available in single-round and multi-round configurations, and in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

The “secret weapon” of the HFH series of filter is lots of filter area pleated into each filter – approximately 105 square feet (9.75 m2) in each 60” tall filter! Filter area is extremely important – because it increases filter life and reduces change-outs, usually in a disproportionate way. For example, doubling surface area can increase filter life up to 4x.

DHF filter and HFH housings are well suited to:

Energy Production:
Removal of TSS from completion fluids, workover fluids, and injection fluids, to protect producing and disposal formations

prolonging of RO membrane life through effective water pre-filtration

Potable water:
filtration of municipal water and bottled water to remove TSS and protect membrane systems

Cooling Tower Filtration:
protection of spray nozzles and heat exchange components

Waste water treatment:
removal of TSS and protection of other purification equipment

For more information on the DHF range of high flow water filters, and the HFH range of high flow filter housings, please contact our team at Delta Pure Filtration.