GAC Series Water Filter

Taste- and Odor-Reduction Water Filter Cartridge

The Delta Pure GAC Series filter reduces impurities and unpleasant tastes in potable water upstream of water faucets, water fountains, ice machines, food preparation operations, industrial equipment, RO membrane, etc. We fill each GAC filter cartridge with a specified impurity-adsorbent (filter medium).

The standard GAC filter employs granular activated coconut shell carbon to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine, to lessen potentially-harmful disinfection byproducts, and to adsorb many other types of chemical contaminants. Other optional media are available for selected contaminants.

KDF® process media is often selected for well water and reduces sulfur odors (rotten egg smell), and heavy metal contaminants (such as dissolved iron, lead, and mercury) – and when used for city water it also reduces chlorine and chloramine that may be present. KDF® media also inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter. Catalytic Carbon can be quoted on special request for reduction of chloramine, a common municipal water system disinfectant that is not as effectively addressed by ordinary activated carbon.

View and download the GAC Series Water Filter specs sheet here

Delta Pure GAC Series Filters are available in 2.5 inch and 4.5 inch diameters, and in ten-inch and twenty-inch lengths. The cartridges are easily installed into DOE (double open end) filter housings of the corresponding sizes.

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