Filtration for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit board operations use filters for various chemicals such as electro-plating, electroless plating, photoresist, photoresist stripper, etch, and rinse solutions.

Printed circuit boards have larger line widths then their micro-circuit cousins; nonetheless, the purity of solutions will impact yields.

This circuit board developing system uses two filter stages for photo-resist. The multi-round filter housings peer over the developer section of the equipment. Photo courtesy of Chemcut Corporation.

Delta Pure Filtration manufactures melt blown, string wound, and carbon filters for these applications. Melt Blown filters offer the advantages of a fixed pore structure and a graded pore density depth-filtration structure for reliable filtration and long life.

Delta Pure also provides string wound filters – some filter users prefer the string wound format because the rough surface of the string wound filter can often better hold onto surface loaded debris that might otherwise slough off, and because string wound filters are available in a variety of materials for targeted chemical compatibility.

Carbon filters from Delta Pure Filtration are useful for removing organics from plating solutions, and are used to remove chlorine from water.