The FF Series is a Success!

Jeff Snyder of Sanjay Marketing in Pennsylvania recently sold two FF Series filter systems. The housings have been installed, and Jeff reports that

“The customer loves it.”

Jeff gave us permission to publish these photos he snapped, showing the two housings installed in parallel.  Our FF Series Filtration System consists of a durable FFH stainless steel filter housing and various 4.5″ x 30″ FFC high capacity filter cartridges. It provides a compact, simple and economical system for filtration of water and various liquids.

Jeff’s customer uses the FF Series filters for cooling water. Jeff explained that the customer’s water was previously unfiltered and the customer recently had to pay $6,000-7,000 to replace fouled, damaged heat exchangers. Heat exchange tubing can narrow from deposits and experience corrosion if cooling water is left untreated – this can result in poor heat exchange (loss of efficiency) and expensive repairs. Often a combination of chemical additives and filtration is used to treat cooling water.  Before selecting the Delta Pure Filtration FF Series filter system, the customer considered a bag filter housing assembly, but found the FF Series to be more attractively priced.

Thank you, Jeff!

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