EEF Series: Precision String Wound Filters

EEF Series: Precision String Wound FiltersThe EEF series precision string wound filters for Extremely Efficient Filtration employ a polypropylene nonwoven final filter layer downstream of a wound pre-filter section. These filters remove a much higher percentage of fine-particulate compared to traditional string wound filters – up to 99% of 0.5 micron particles.

Filter users with challenging fluids who need to remove particulates at or below 1 micron diameter, and who want the economics and chemical compatibility of a string wound filter, have long relied on the EEF Series. Nominal removal ratings of 0.2 micron and 0.5 micron are available. The EEF series of depth filters offer a choice of pre-filtration media and support cores. End fitting options allow the retrofitting of most filter housings.

Precision winding geometry provides consistent and controlled pre-filtration to the downstream nonwoven final layer in order to achieve high dirt-holding capacity. Cartridges are available in continuous lengths from 4” to 72” and diameters to 4 ½”.

View and download the EEF Series: Precision String Wound Filters specs sheet here


  • Efficient Removal of Particulates < 1 m
  • Wide range of pre-filter materials and cores for process compatibility
  • Variety of sizes and configurations to ensure proper sizing, fit and sealing
  • High sediment-holding-capacity for longer time between filter cartridges changes
  • Continuous lengths up to 72” (183cm)
  • Prompt deliveries


  • Process water
  • Catalyst fines removal
  • Inks, paints, coatings
  • Carbon fines
  • Pre-filtration for membrane/ reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemicals, acids, bases
  • Solvents, organics

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