DCB-MB Series Two-Stage Filter Cartridge Melt Blown over Carbon Block

The DCB-MB filter is comprised of an extruded porous activated carbon block for removal of many chemicals, tastes and odors, overlaid with melt blown polypropylene for sediment pre-filtration/pretreatment. The filter in the picture above is shown without end fittings. DCB-MB Series cartridges are dual media filters which remove or reduce chlorine, chemical contamination and sediment to improve taste and odor of drinking water. These filters also provide removal/reduction of oil, hydrocarbons, chemical contamination and particulate in waste water polishing applications. Each DCB-MB filter utilizes a porous activated coconut shell carbon block medium on the inside and polypropylene melt blown pre-filtration medium which complies with FDA CFR 177.1520 on the outside.

These filters are made by Delta Pure Filtration in Ashland, VA USA with a variety of end fittings to choose from.

Click here to download the spec sheet for the DCB-MB Series filter cartridge melt blown over carbon block

Typical Applications

  • Waste water treatment
  • Potable and Process Water
  • Food and Beverage / Decolorizing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Metal Finishing Processes
  • Plating Solutions

DCB-MB melt blown polypropylene over activated carbon block