CFM Series Carbon Filter Cartridge

Delta Pure Filtration CFM Series Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridges are designed to remove organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chlorine, color, and odors from aqueous and organic liquids and gasses.

This design of the carbon media is designed to maximize flow and contaminant removal without carbon being released into the system.

The CFM is made of high efficiency absorption activated carbon that uses a hollow framework as the support and multiple pre-filtration design The CFM provides low pressure drop and is nontoxic, tasteless, acid resistant and alkali resistant.

These activated carbon filters come in multiple sizes to fit your common housing needs. Filter size can be customized to specific needs. CFM Filter Cartridges contain no binders or adhesives.

Main parameters of these filters are:

  • 5 nominal micron rating
  • 2.5” OD to fit in standard housings
  • 1.1” ID to fit in standard housings
  • Working temperature of 32-185F (0-85C)
  • Unique bayonet end cap connection design on the end cap will not fall off


  • Maximizes flow and contaminant removal with the release of carbon fibers
  • Multiple lengths for various filter housings
  • Technical support and prompt deliveries
  • No leakage or contamination of liquid
  • Designed to fit in most single and multi-round


  • Water Filtration
  • Water Purification
  • Electroplating
  • High-precision electronics
  • Food & beverage
  • Drinking water